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Fuck Bucks™ Rewards Program

We love our customers. And because you give a fuck, we created Fuck Bucks™ -- a  rewards program so you can save bucks when you buy F_ck-it Notes™. (Now, there's a sentence I've never written.)

Here's how it works: click on the Fuck Bucks™ Rewards Program tab, sign up, and start earning points for:

  • Your birthday: HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY! Earn 200 Fuck Bucks™ just for being born!
  • Joining: Earn 200 WELCOME! Fuck Bucks™
  • Placing an order: Earn 1 Fuck Buck for every $1.00 you spend
  • Liking & Sharing on Facebook: Earn 50 Fucks Bucks™  *
  • Sharing & Following on Twitter: Earn 50 Fucks Bucks™  
  • Following on Instagram: Earn 50 Fuck Bucks™ on your first share
  • Referring a friend: Give your friend a gift of 10% off on their first order. You get 500 Fuck Bucks™ when your friend makes their first purchase.

* Earn 100 Fuck Bucks™ for doing both!

Spending your Fuck Bucks™:

  • $5.00 Discount   =   500 Fuck Bucks™
  • $10.00 Discount = 1000 Fuck Bucks™
  • $25.00 Discount = 2500 Fuck Bucks™

 Fucking awesome, huh?