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F_ck-it Notes™

"The fucks I give" Journal

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Sometimes it's hard to find a fuck to give. Well, the good news is we have the perfect place to keep your fucks once you find them. First, it's made in Italy which means it feels totally swank. Secondly, it's faux leather. But the kind of faux leather that could fool Ron Burgundy and would make Betty White proud.

SOLD OUT -- Contact us if interested and we'll let you know when they're back in!

It's 8 3/8" x 5 1/4", so it's big enough to hold all your fucks but small enough to carry around.

  • 240 pages.
  • Ivory-lined (as in color, not tusks).
  • Debossed imprint on cover.
  • Elastic pen loop for um, your pen.
  • Expandable back internal pocket (extra fucks storage)
  • Available in black, red, and beige. Buy 3.
  • Made in Italy. Printed in the USA. Fresco!
  • FSC certified, because we love trees and sustainable forestry practices.

Add a Stainless Steel Pencil/Marker cup. Here.

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